Are you beyond the age of 55? And are you ready to do whatever you want to make your life more comfortable? Well, there is no better investment a person can make than investing in their home. Homes are a long-term investment, in a place where we will always come back, no matter what happens in life.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the hottest home remodeling trends for those who are ready to make their home into what they’ve always wanted it to be. But before you get that architect or interior designer into your home, stay right here and finish reading so that you can get to know them for yourself. Here they are, some of the hottest home remodeling trends in the market today.

1) Create an integrated kitchen living space: If you love being close to your kitchen, then why not integrate it into your living space? This will make your kitchen space feel more accommodating, and your guests will be interacting with you without getting under your feet. Merging your kitchen into your living space is a design concept that brings the family together in the same place, at the same time, for the right reasons.

2) Installation of stainless steel hardware: Installing stainless steel hardware in your home brings that sleek appearance to any doors and cabinetry. Stainless steel is always known to be fresh and clean, and it will automatically add a new vibe to your entire living environment.

3) Replacing granite countertops with quartz: The quartz component has been finding its way into people’s kitchen more often with each passing year. Quartz is considered to be scratch resistant, stain resistant, and can resist almost all household elements. Quartz countertops are easy to clean, and provide a level of elegance that is beyond compare.

4) Hardwood floors: Carpets are great in some rooms making the floor more comfortable for sitting and walking. However, this is changing as people look to install wooden floors in their entire home. Hardwood flooring has a lasting finish and is quite durable. You can find many different colors, designs, and textures, giving homeowners a variety of options. It will also improve the indoor air quality of your home.

5) Screened porches: More and more people are preferring to spend their time outside, weather permitting of course. Being able to protect your outdoor space with a screened enclosure is a great addition to your home, and a very affordable investment. It will give your home a new feel as you have the opportunity to allow the cool breezes of Spring & Fall enter into your home, and you’ll keep out those pesky bugs during the Summer, especially in the Southeast states.

6) Walk-in showers: Oversized soaking bathtubs are a great addition to any master suite. But the trends are slowly changing as people prefer having full walk-in showers sized for the couple to share. Utilizing a “rain head” above, with multiple massaging jets on the sides, and full height glass to create a steam room type enclosure, this space becomes a retreat to itself, and one you’re sure to enjoy for years to come.

7) Soft muted color palettes: Fortune favors the bold! Changing the color scheme of your Kitchen, Living Room, or Master Suite is a great way to make your home reflect your personality, and your mood. You’ll want to enroll an expert Interior Decorator to guide your selections, but you’ll be thrilled with the results, and your home will become truly custom.

8) Outdoor living space: This is the fastest growing trend in home remodeling, especially in Southern California. Commonly located adjacent to the Living Room or Family Room, this space will be accessed through a full height glass panel sliding or folding door system. When fully opened, it doubles the size of the interior room. Providing an open beam ceiling, it creates additional height, and you can add counters for outdoor cooking appliances including BBQ/range, sink, and under-counter refrigerator. A stunning addition for the home that has everything!

9) Create ‘smart’ spaces: Investing in a hi-tech makeover can give your home a new feel and make things easier, and safer, getting in and out of the house. Bringing smart technology into your home, you can control lighting, heating, cooling, even door locks, using your mobile devices from remote locations. These extra touches just make life that much more enjoyable and secure.

10) Lighting the outdoor space: You can completely change the feel of your outdoor space during the night by lighting it with different colored, and different textured, lighting designs. From solar powered walkway lights, to motion controlled security lighting, L.E.D. downlights in the eaves, and accent landscape up-lighting, you can make your home look like a home of the stars.

Final Verdict – Home improvement is the best investment you can make on your personal property, but it must be done with proper care and consideration of all the advanced material available in today’s market. Having an opportunity to make choices like these can be a very exciting time in your life. I hope you all get to experience this one day, and I trust you’ll do it with the people closest to you, the ones you love.

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