This is video #2 in a short series on How to Prepare for an Owner-Builder Room Addition to your existing home. Our example here is a small, one story, Master Suite Addition on the front of a house in Chula Vista. The construction methods & materials are very standard for our region. There are of course windows & doors, along with some new plumbing for the new Master Bath & Laundry Room, and standard framing techniques will apply. We are using slab-on-grade foundation, connecting to the existing sewer lateral, no fire sprinklers so the water meter will remain, and the existing electrical panel is already 200 amps, so that will be okay too. We will utilize the existing FAU, and we’ll extend the duct work to heat the new addition.

Now, if all that sounds familiar to you, then I would say you are a good candidate to run your own project as Owner-Builder. But, if not, then you may want to consider hiring a General Contractor to run your project. Another factor to consider is TIME! If you don’t have it now, you wont have it later. It will be better for you to go do what you do best, to earn the money and pay the contractor to come and do what he, or she, does best.

In this case, the our owner is self employed as a pool contractor, so he has the flexibility in his schedule, and he has some familiarity with the construction process. The plans were prepared by a licensed architect, TPJ Architecture, and yours truly Tim P Jones, so he’s got a good set of specifications to follow. Additionally, he has some contacts through his profession, so he’s well prepared for the action.

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