This may be the most unique remodeling project you’ll ever see in your entire lifetime! I kid you not… and it all started as a Code Violation in San Diego, CA. In fact, it started 20 years ago, when the owner of the property at that point in time was a drug smuggler, and the active family business was human trafficking across the USA – Mexico International Border at San Ysidro, CA.

I could write so much about the past of this project, but I want my focus to remain in the present, in the solution. I am an expert at solving Code Violations cases in the greater San Diego area. Most architects will not get involved in these types of projects, but it is an area of service that I find very gratifying, and of great community service. To improve the lives of my neighbors, and those in our surrounding cities of Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, National City, even in the unincorporated County of San Diego, brings me a huge degree of satisfaction.

I will be writing a book about this soon, and in that I will cover all the details of how it came about, how it got over looked by the City of San Diego Code Enforcement Division, how my client purchased the property, and ultimately how I created a solution to not only solve the problem, but to harmonize all parties involved, including the City Attorney and the tenants who lived underground for 4 years.

Please watch the video, and hear the words I speak as I’m walking around the property, and down inside this 2 story subterranean residential remodel in San Diego.

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