How easily can you imagine a guidebook that will prepare you for what is about to occur during your home remodeling project?

Well that’s exactly what has been done for you in “CUT THE CHAOS – The Ultimate Guide to Residential Remodeling”. From preliminary design to construction documents, Tim shares with you many of his experiences over 35 years of designing homes. From permit processing to final inspection, he shares some stories of success, and failure, on home remodeling projects that he has designed. He outlines specific actions for you to take, and some actions NOT to take, in order to stay in control of your home remodeling project. You will learn how he thinks, how he gets his vision for a design, and how he takes that vision into your project. You will learn how he creates a reality, that up to this point in time, you’ve only imagined in your mind.

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Tim P Jones, author of “CUT THE CHAOS – The Ultimate Guide to Residential Remodeling” is a Chula Vista native. Growing up in the 60‘s & 70’s, he has seen his city grow from a quite 50,000 residents to over 200,000 today.

Within two years a desire to become an architect entered his mind and heart. The goal was set, a timeline was applied, and the journey began. Over the next seven years he completed the state examination process, and in 1993 he was presented his license to practice architecture in the State of California. The rest, as they say, is history.