We have now completed the design drawings, and processed our building permit through the City of Chula Vista. But what also came up from the Engineering Department was a requirement for new Public Improvements. As a result of our private improvements, on our private property, to our private home, the City of Chula Vista insisted that we remove & replace the existing “alley type approach”, and adjacent ADA pedestrian ramps, with a new standard type driveway with connecting sidewalks.

This is how cities get things done, at your expense. It is perfectly legal, the City Municipal Code contains language to that effect, so stay calm and allow this video post to be your opportunity to learn. When private improvements exceed a defined dollar amount, the City can ask for these public improvements to be done as a condition of approval. Basically saying, unless you do this sidewalk, driveway, or other public work in front of your home, they you will not be allowed to get the Building Permit to do the room addition or remodel to your home.

In this case, the additional work added about $20k to the budget. It was completely unforseen, unexpected, and impossible to anticipate. This is known as a contingency, and you have to plan for that within your home remodeling budget.

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